A woman of style and grace, Dennisha McThay the CEO and Head designer for DMD - Dennisha McThay Designs took her passion for fashion to another level. In 2015, Dennisha began an exclusive handcrafted handbag company that thoughtfully design bags to accommodate the lifestyle of a modern woman. Her brand known for it's artistic, colorful and creative designs that range from clutches, tote bags, backpacks, cross body satchel, handbags and so much more. In 2020, DMD brand expanded by adding t-shirts, hoodies, duffel bags, accessory pouches and mugs. The brand expansion was inspired by the new language of body positivity which allows curvy women to be practically fashion revolutionary. Curvy women are the new average, yet they are an underserved demographic.  

 Before starting a business, Dennisha worked years in the corporate world but couldn’t shake her passion of wanting to start her own business. For years, she allowed her biggest battle with fear to enslave her ability to take that leap, until 2013, when Dennisha became unemployed. It was during the lowest time in her life, she was able to discover her unique gift and begin to leap. She decided to experiment with a sewing machine and scrap fabrics to bring some of her designs to life. The self-taught designer recall spending countless hours as a child watching her mother sew, decorate her shoes, hats, and handbags. The details her mother added to the handbags captured her attention the most. Introduced to fashion at an early age, Dennisha never connected the dots to realize that she was being prepared for a career as a handbag designer.

This thriving brand has been seen, admired and found in the hands of celebrities such as Countess Vaughn, Karli Raymond, Mercedes Young, Shireen Sandoval, Ms.Juicy and many more. DMD has been featured in several magazine editions, fashion blogs, fashion shows, video sets, media outlets across the world and partnered with several organizations and successful business owners. In 2017, DMD was given the opportunity to introduce and pitch their products to VP of HSN, Dara Trujillo and Lili Gil Valletta in New York. 


VP of HSN- Dara Trujillo and Lili Gil Valletta

Reaching a height of success in her business, she wanted to connect her decade of mentoring experience with her brand. In Jan. 2017, DMD launched PWAP- “Purses With A Purpose” campaign. PWAP is dedicated to empowering ad inspiring change for youth and at risk youth entangled in the juvenile court system. Dennisha wanted to create a campaign that would go beyond the bag. The PWAP campaign brings together DMD with the tangible needs in the South Florida communities. The mission is to hire youth who have various barriers in life and unemployment, to make our custom handbags and accessories-giving them another chance to succeed in life, family, and friendship while gaining skills on becoming a successful entrepreneur. 


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